Wayfinding that guides you and signage that draws attention

Wayfinding for adults and children in Zaans Medical Centre.

Developing wayfinding solutions starts by analysing the flow of people and a space’s unique characteristics.

We strive to design systems that simplify navigation while seamlessly blending into your branded environment. In doing so, wayfinding becomes part of the brand identity, extending a positive outcome on your audience’s brand experience.

Wayfinding and signage projects

Depot Boijmans Van BeuningenWayfinding for wanderers

Province of AntwerpFlexible offices inside a true icon

Zaans Medical CentreCreating a healing environment

AmareCulture for all in the heart of the city

UnileverAt work in Unilever City

Designing wayfinding for hospitals

by Rogier Coopmans,

13 August 2023

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