Carefree IT for professionals

Enabling professionals to work carefree with the best technology: that is the mission of Centralpoint, one of the largest IT service providers in Europe. Silo developed a new brand identity which emanates fun and puts the customer front and center.

The branding of Centralpoint is a milestone for our company. It helps us to clearly communicate to our customers what we stand for. Internally, it gives direction to a shared DNA for the coming years. Together we are a stronger Centralpoint!

Luuk Slaats , Managing Director Centralpoint

Carefree IT

IT infrastructure is the backbone of many organizations. An IT environment that works flawlessly ensures that employees have access to secure data anytime and anywhere. Centralpoint supports companies with IT services so that they can focus on achieving their strategic objectives.

Continuing a successful cooperation

Centralpoint is the new name of Infotheek, Centralpoint.nl, Centralpoint.be and Scholten Awater. By positioning itself as a front-runner in the field of circular IT, the company contributes to making the sector more sustainable. Silo has been working with Centralpoint since 2007. The rebranding contributes to the company’s transformation.

International presence

Centralpoint is no longer just a b2b web retailer, but a forward-looking IT service provider with an international presence. The challenge was to develop a distinctive identity that simultaneously exudes business expertise and fun.

With a dot

Silo found a solution by placing a dot in the heart of the logo. This creates focus: on the client and the service. In addition, the dot gives the brand personality. Between the words ‘central’ and ‘point’ unfolds the dynamic world of IT.

We are delighted to continue our many years of collaboration with Centralpoint with the development of the new brand identity. Centralpoint strives to be the best IT service provider in the world. The brand identity we developed embodies this ambition.

Dennis Flinterman , Silo

Dennis Flinterman

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